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Considering Home Education?

Home education is a successful educational option for parents in Ohio and around the country.

Growing at a rate of approximately 8% per year, an estimated 2.0 million children, grades kindergarten through high school, were being home educated in the U.S. during mid-2010 according to a survey conducted by the National Home Education Research Institute.

Locally, over 70 families, representing 200+ students, are current members of KCCHSA.

Home School Facts

  • Today an estimated 2.0 million children are being taught at home by their parents.

  • On average, homeschool students in grades 1-4 perform one grade level higher than their public and private school counterparts.

  • By grade 8, the average homeschool student performs four grade levels above the national average.

  • The number of families choosing to homeschool grows at an estimated annual rate of 7-15 percent.

  • In a web poll taken by 989 respondents, 49% said religious conviction is the main reason they continue homeschooling; 15% positive social environment; 14% academic excellence; 12% specific needs of child; 5% curriculum choice; and 5% flexibility.

1. http://www.youcanhomeschool.org/

KCCHSA Membership

       No longer accepting membership. We suggest your membership be placed in HSDLA for legal and educational support plus CHEO for local/state opportunities.

Home Education in Ohio

You may be wondering...
  • Is homeschooling legal in Ohio?
  • What is required of me as the parent?
  • What is required of my child
  • Who do I need to notify?
  • What about testing and assessments

Fiscal Responsibility?

The average per-pupil expenditure is $9,105.20. 

This number is the average for all five public school districts in Knox County - Mount Vernon, Centerburg, Danville, East Knox, and Fredericktown. (Source)

Do you spend that much money homeschooling your children? Does it really take that much money to provide a good education for each student every year?

The median amount spent per child per year by homeschoolers is $400-$599 (according to the Homeschool Progress Report 2009, Home School Legal Defense Association).

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